Writing by Erynn A. Louviaite
Welcome to my site.
​Here you will be able to view information about me and my writing including sneak peeks, descriptions, and links. Enjoy!

Below you can find a list of my works followed by potential cover art. You can read and download almost all of my writing for free at Scribd.com/Erynn654842. 


1) "Asheni Zar"
2) "Kleinfeld Academy"
3) The Samantha / Stella Series
4) "The Flowerbox"
5) "Taking of a Treasure: An Erotic Novella"

Short Stories

1) "Never Alone" erotic series from Sexy Scarlett
2) Horror Shorts from Edwyn Deschain
3) ​"Please..." by Sexy Scarlett​
4)​ Adult Content stories from EynnErotica
​5) "Shadows, Stories, and Sleepless Nights" collection 


1) "Poems About You" collection
2) "Someone New" collection
3) "HER" by Erynn Erotica
4) "Thunderstorm on New Year's Day"
5) "Outside My Window" collection
6) "Short Love Poems" collection (exclusively on Scribd)
7) "If Life Were a Romantic Comedy"​
8) "Drop Your Guard" collection from Sexy Scarlett​

Read & download almost all of these for free at http://www.scribd.com/Erynn654842.
I don't use Booksie much anymore except for my "Sexy Scarlett" account, but feel free to look up my old ones:
Erynn Louviaite, ErynnErotica, Anonymity Is Freedom.​
NEWS: "Samantha" is now available to download as an e-book (as well as in many other formats) at:​​http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ErynnALouviaite